Claremore Lawyer BlogDo I Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma?

criminal defense attorneyYou have a constitutional right to represent yourself in a court of law. Furthermore, you cannot have representation forced upon you. There are, however, certain caveats that go along with this right. Here are several reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you in Oklahoma.


Firstly, when you represent yourself, you will be deemed in the eyes of the law to have the same knowledge and understanding of the law as an attorney does. As a result, the courts will not “go easy” on you when you make critical mistakes because you didn’t fully understand the law.

It takes years of study and experience to become an attorney and to learn proper legal procedure. While you have the right to represent yourself, it is simply not practical to assume you can learn court procedure, criminal procedure, and rules of evidence in the time you will have to prepare your own case. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is already equipped with the skills necessary to advocate for your best interests.


Another benefit of having an attorney is to draw upon his or her years of experience as to which issues you should pursue and which you should forego. Everything you do in a criminal case has consequences, some are even difficult for an attorney to foresee. However, an experienced criminal defense attorney will have knowledge which gives him or her a far better idea of what to expect than someone representing himself or herself for the first time.


Another quality you need to have when handling a criminal case is objectivity. You need to be able to see the bigger picture and objectively choose which possible courses of actions to take and which to abandon, based on what is in your overall best interest. This kind of decision-making will be extremely difficult to exercise when you are the one facing a conviction and possible jail time.


Finally, how you present your case in court can have a huge impact on how your case is received. There are often times, like when you are defending yourself against allegations, when it is better to have someone speak on your behalf than to speak for yourself. When you need to express to the court that you are a good father, husband, friend and a law-abiding citizen, it will simply be more believable coming from someone else’s mouth than from your own. Having someone else to advocate for you can be extremely important in convincing others of your innocence.

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