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What is Possession of a Stolen Vehicle?

claremore defense attorneyWhile it may sound self-explanatory, one could get hung up on the word “possession.” What does it mean to possess, in this case? It could mean that you are driving the vehicle or inside of it while it’s off. Additionally, it could mean that you have the vehicle on your property or hid it somewhere.

The stolen vehicle could be a car, motorcycle, van, truck, or any other automobile.

Possessing a stolen vehicle does not mean you were the one who stole the vehicle. It may have been given or sold to you by someone else who stole it. Even if you paid money for the stolen vehicle, it does not belong to you because the person you bought it from had no legal right to sell it to you.

Oklahoma law defines someone in possession of a stolen vehicle as a person who is not entitled to the possession of a vehicle but receives, possesses, conceals, sells, or disposes of it while knowing the vehicle was stolen (Okla. Stat. tit. 47 § 4-103).

Possible Defense

defense attorney claremoreIf you’ve been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, it’s important to understand what that means. You could face jail time if you’re convicted. The best way to avoid this is to retain the services of a skilled defense attorney in Claremore. Your attorney is familiar with these cases and knows what defenses they can use to get the charges reduced or dropped.

As usual, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. They must prove that you were not only in possession of a stolen vehicle but that you knew it was stolen. Any time the prosecution has to prove knowledge or intent on the part of the defendant, they could run into problems.

It’s not easy to prove that someone knew something when they can claim they didn’t. However, it may be easier to prove that you didn’t know the vehicle was stolen. Your Claremore attorney can help you craft a solid defense.

If you were tricked into buying or otherwise possessing a vehicle you didn’t know was stolen, a defense attorney from Wirth Law Office can guide you through the best steps to take to ensure your freedom.

Penalties for Possession

Possession of a stolen vehicle is a felony in Oklahoma. The bail may cost as much as $2,000. It is punishable by up to two years in jail.

If you’ve been convicted of a felony in the past, the bail could go up to $4,000. You may also face fines and longer jail time.

A felony defense attorney in Claremore can go over your options with you and determine the best course of action.

Free Consultation with a Claremore Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with or accused of possessing a stolen vehicle, a criminal defense attorney from Wirth Law Office – Claremore can offer expert representation. Your best chance at getting your charges reduced or avoiding a conviction is an experienced attorney who will fight for your rights and your freedom. For a free consultation, call (918) 213-0950 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

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