Claremore Child Support Attorney

Your Child Deserves Support

A divorce is difficult on the children in a relationship. After the dust settles is when you may realize the child support arrangement may not be cutting it. Or has your work situation change where you’re not able to pay what is in the child support order. In either situation you may need a Claremore child support attorney that can fight for the financial backing your child needs.

When you’re owed backed child support it can keep you up at night. Take away some of the stress by speaking with a Claremore child support attorney at our Rogers County office, to try and get what  your child deserves.

Cut The Red Tape

Just like most state agencies, Oklahoma Child Support Services faces backlogs, administrative delays and staffing challenges. Those problems shouldn’t be your problem when it comes to child support modifications. That’s why having a child support attorney that understands the often confusing system on your side could help in the process.

Tracking Down Child Support

If you’re ex-partner is not paying your child, that back child support and interest automatically accrue, but what most people don’t understand in the process is that collection isn’t automatic.  That’s why an Oklahoma child support order must include an income assignment, which therefore requires garnishment of the non-custodial parent’s wages or income. What’s crucial to understand is that until it’s enforced, that income assignment doesn’t pack a punch. Either the custodial parent or their Claremore child support collection attorney may have to track down the non-custodial parents employer, to prepare the required documents and serve the employer.

A Claremore child support attorney can conveying to the non-custodial parent the consequences of not paying outweigh any reason not to pay. If your ex-spouse still refuses to pay up, we’ll go to bat for you to take the action necessary to get your child the support they need and deserve.

Free Consultation: Claremore Child Support Attorney

When there’s so much at stake, it’s crucial that you discover all your options when it comes to child support by talking to a skilled Claremore attorney at our firm.  For a free consultation with a knowledgeable Claremore child support attorney, call (918) 213-0950 today. If you prefer e-mail, send the f you prefer e-mail, send the Claremore lawyer your question by using the form at the right side of this page.your question by using the form at the right side of this page.

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