Claremore Child Custody Attorney

Child custody matters can be very emotional circumstances that present a variety of legal issues that must settled.  It may not be in your best interest or the best interest of your child to try to handle the matter without the services of a qualified Claremore child custody attorney.  The Claremore child custody attorneys at  Wirth Law Office help parents through the legal process of a child custody matter from the beginning stages of initiation all the way through to the resolution.

There are a number of matters which can arise with regard to child custody.  A Claremore child custody lawyer can help with all aspects of a child custody matter including  child custody arrangements in legal separations, divorce, parental relocation, the modification of current child custody arrangements, the issues of legal and physical custody, and more.

 Legal Child Custody Arrangements in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, there are several basic types of legal child custody arrangements which may be in dispute in a child custody matter.  Child custody matters may involve temporary custody, physical custody, and legal custody.  Furthermore, the issues of joint or sole custody may need to be resolved by legal process as well.   A qualified Claremore child custody attorney can help you develop an understanding of what various types of custody mean when you are trying to resolve these issues.

Temporary custody arrangements are custody arrangements made by divorcing parents at the time of their separation.  Temporary custody orders are most often followed by more detailed custody orders that spell out terms of legal custody.

When legal custody is at issue, the question to be answered is who has the right to make important decisions in the child’s interests with regard to medical care, schooling, etc.  Legal custody may be given to one parent, as in the case of sole custody, or it may be granted to both parents as in the case of joint custody.

Physical custody involves determination of with which parent the child will reside. Physical child custody can be in the form of sole physical custody or joint physical custody.  Most physical custody arrangements within the state of Oklahoma are for one parent to have sole physical custody while allowing the other parent significant visitation with the child.  The Oklahoma courts try to resolve all of these custody matters in the best interest of the child.

What a Child Custody Lawyer Can Do For You

The Claremore child custody attorneys at Wirth Law Office help clients to understand the different types of child custody arrangements. Wirth Law Office’s Claremore family lawyers have extensive experience in child custody matters, and thus possess the knowledge and skill it takes advocate for clients the very important matter of childs custody.  The Wirth Law Office handles all aspects of a child custody matter and advise clients about the most suitable options available for each situation.

Free Consultation: Claremore Child Custody Attorney

Before you make child custody arrangements it may be in your best interest to contact a skilled Claremore child custody attorney for advice about this very personal matter. Additionally, if you are currently involved in a child custody dispute, having your child custody matter handled by knowledgeable and skilled counsel is of utmost importance.  The family lawyer at Wirth Law Office Claremore is here to help you with your child custody matter.  Contact The Wirth Law Office’s Claremore lawyer at (918) 213-0950 for a free, confidential consultation.


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