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A Claremore estate planning attorney can help individuals, couples and grandparents looking to plan for their grandchildren in the future. Our team can help with all aspects of estate planning including wills, trusts and power of attorney arrangements from right here in the heart of Rogers County.

Since tax laws are always changing it’s important to make sure your estate plans are legally sound with today’s best advice, contact our estate planning team to review your current arrangement. A Claremore estate planning attorney can show you what worked 10 years ago for the most part may not be the best estate plan today.

Estate Planning Services

Wills- If you’re waiting until you get older to draft a will, you’re not alone. You don’t have to have the portfolio of Bill Gates to draft a will. A Claremore estate planning attorney can help you avoid future pitfalls when it comes to your will. The one place you do not want your love ones to be sent to is probate court when you pass. If you want what you’ve worked so hard for to go to a specific family member, friends or charity, it’s crucial you have an updated will. Most importantly, couples with children if you have a will it will help bring structure in a difficult time. There are many online will kits that offer universal forms but one of our attorneys that specializes in Oklahoma wills.

Power of Attorney- It’s a document that allows someone that you choose to act on your behalf. A Claremore estate planning attorney is update on the specifics of this directive when it comes to real estate transactions, financial and healthcare decisions.

Trusts- In Oklahoma there are two types of trusts—revocable and irrevocable. The two are classified as express trusts because they express a person’s intentions when it comes to their intentions with respect to their property. The difference between the two most common forms of a trust is quite easy to remember; a person can reclaim their assets from a revocable trust, but an irrevocable trust is just that — irrevocable. Confused? We’re here to help make estate planning easy and stress free.

Advanced Health Care Directives-  This is often known as a living will, an advanced healthcare directive which provides details of your choices for medical care in the event of illness or injury that leaves you unable to direct your own care. It’s a simple and legally binding directive which can often be completed without the counsel of an attorney. If you situation is complex, or you want to make sure you’re leaving the proper instructions, or you don’t want to go it alone, then speaking with a Claremore estate planning attorney can help clear up the confusion. 

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When there’s so much at stake, it’s crucial that you discover all your options when it comes to estate planning it’s crucial to speak with skilled Claremore attorney at Wirth Law Office.  For a free consultation with a capable Claremore estate planning attorney, call (918) 213-0950 today. If you prefer e-mail, submit your question by using the form at the right side of this page.

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