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  • Are Prenuptial Agreements Enforceable in Oklahoma?

    Prenuptial agreements, which were once seen by the courts as a threat to the sanctity of marriage, are now commonplace and widely enforceable. Oklahoma courts have expressed support for prenuptial agreements for individuals who desire financial assurances prior to getting married. However, state law statutes express the need for the prenuptial agreement to be in writing; […]

  • Getting Out of Jail in Oklahoma

    Being arrested can be a frightening experience, and the inside of a jail cell is not a very comfortable place to be. The average person, however, has no idea what to do if arrested and placed in jail. This article will provide a brief explanation of the process of getting out of jail in Oklahoma. […]

  • Do I Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma?

    You have a constitutional right to represent yourself in a court of law. Furthermore, you cannot have representation forced upon you. There are, however, certain caveats that go along with this right. Here are several reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you in Oklahoma. Knowledge Firstly, when you […]

  • How Much Do I Have to Pay for Child Support in Oklahoma?

    In Oklahoma, every parent has a responsibility for the support of their children. Whether you are the mother, father, married, divorced or unwed, this responsibility begins when the child is born and continues until the child is at least eighteen years old. Responsibility for Child Support All parents are obliged to provide adequate food, clothing, […]

  • Can I Keep My Car After Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Oklahoma?

    Due to the recent financial crisis, many honest debtors who have never had trouble paying their bills have found themselves considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy for much needed debt relief and a fresh financial start. But for many, the possibility of losing essential assets, such as their car, threatens to make a bad situation even worse.  […]

  • Can I Draft My Own Will in Oklahoma?

    You need a will in order to ensure that your estate is disposed of in the manner you wish; and to spare your family from the emotional and financial expense involved in making these decisions while grieving your death. It is perfectly legal to draft a will on your own in Oklahoma; however, there are […]

  • Common Law Marriage in Oklahoma

    Whether for love or convenience, people get married for many different reasons. Most often, the act of getting married means obtaining a marriage license and having a ceremony where two parties exchange wedding vows before friends and family. Sometimes it may be a simple ceremony before a judge, justice of the peace or clergyman. In […]

  • What are My Rights When I Face Police Questioning?

    Being questioned by the police is never a comfortable experience. The law gives policemen the authority to stop and question citizens in order to perform their duty to protect and to serve the community. Likewise, the law gives citizens certain rights and responsibilities when they face police questioning. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you […]

  • How Personal Injury Compensation is Decided in Oklahoma

    If you have a personal injury dispute with someone or you are contemplating filing a lawsuit, you may be wondering how much compensation you could possibly be awarded.  This assessment will be made by the court and depends on a number of different factors. This article discusses the Oklahoma civil justice system and how personal […]

  • Automobile Accident in Oklahoma: Can I file a personal injury claim if I share liability?

    If you have been involved in an auto accident in Oklahoma, you have the right to file a claim against the person responsible. However, it would be not uncommon for you to also be held partly liable for the accident in which you are injured if your actions were found to have contributed to the accident. Fortunately, […]

  • What To Do If You Have Been In An Auto Accident in Oklahoma

    Auto accidents are always unexpected, but having a plan of action in mind before an accident occurs can make it easy for you to keep your head amidst the chaos that tends to ensue. Furthermore, knowing what you should do when involved in an auto accident can help you protect your right to be compensated later for […]

  • My Home is in Foreclosure, How Can Filing for Bankruptcy Help?

    The alarming rise in the rate of foreclosures across the nation has been a familiar topic in the news over the last several years. Many families who never dreamed of being in this situation are struggling to keep their homes. For a large percentage of them, losing their home through foreclosure will become an unavoidable […]

  • Will I be Able to Get Credit Again After Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    The recent recession has left many Oklahomans facing mountains of debt and unable to keep up with their payments. Some have considered seeking relief from harrowing creditors by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but worry about bankruptcy leaving a black mark on their credit report and are unsure if they will ever be able to […]

  • How Courts Divide Marital Property in Oklahoma Divorce

    One of the most frequent questions asked by those considering divorce in Oklahoma concerns the division of marital property between spouses. Laws in various states vary on how marital property is divided in divorce. The division of property in Oklahoma is based on the concept of “equitable division“. This article provides an explanation of equitable […]

  • Oklahoma Child Support: Will I Need To Pay

    Simply stated, in Oklahoma family law and in every jurisdiction nationwide, every parent has a responsibly for the support of their children. Whether you are married, divorced or unwed, this responsibility begins when the child is born and continues until the child is at least eighteen years old. Child support is defined as the financial […]

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